This book is for the wife whose spouse has survived trauma and now navigating through mood swings, flashbacks, and mishandled emotions. If not properly addressed, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can create a toxic home environment and cause a divide in the closest, and most meaningful relationships. The PTSD Wife, as a caretaker, is finding herself at the receiving end of trust issues, anger, aggression, and isolation, to name a few. Constant exposure to a toxic home environment can create a personal, mental, and spiritual health crisis for her.

Studies show that 70 percent of marriages dealing with PTSD end in divorce. Coach Leah is on a mission to help women to support their spouse through PTSD and not lose themselves in the process. She helps women to find healing, encouragement, and strategy to overcome the effects of PTSD on their daily lives, and in their marriage. As a PTSD Wife, she has been there and wants to share her story of triumph as she climbed out of her emotional pit and reclaimed her life and her marriage and found her purpose.

 In this book, Coach Leah uncovers the hidden wounds of trauma and its effect on relationships. Based on biblical principles, she teaches women the tools and resources needed to handle stressful situations in marriage and how to seek help from the Lord and foster a deeper relationship with Him.

By reading this book, and putting the principles into action, women will learn to take control of their life, and grab hold of the power that lies within.